• Discount on 5th Dimension VR
    Posted On: Jul 13, 2022
    The owners of the new 5th Dimension Video Arcade on Church Street reached out to us offering a 15 percent discount. They are Westchester's largest VR arcade with 18 stations and 2 party rooms. Their arcade is the ideal place for a fun team building event. Players can see each other, talk to each other and interact with each other in the same virtual environment. Whether you are fighting zombies, flying around in space or figuring out who is the best paintball player, there are numerous ways to have an exciting adventure. Thier VR game library carries both multiplayer and single player games. They offer a 15% discount to service members, police officers and firefighters! You can purchase 4 different timed sessions of 20, 50, 80, and 110 minutes. Our pricing is $16.99, $27.99, $41.99 and $55.98 respectively. They have the lowest prices in the tri-state area. Each player goes through a 10 minute tutorial showing them how to use the headset and controllers. They have dedicated arcade attendants helping the guests throughout their game play at all times. Please visit thier website.There is a 7-story municipal parking garage right in front of thier arcade on Church Street.