• Open Enrollment NYSPFFA Cancer/Critical Illness Plan
    Updated On: Jan 02, 2022


    The NYSPFFA stopped offering the Aflac Cancer Plan in favor of the MetLife Cancer/Critical Illness Plan. MetLife has now improved its current plan and is offering you the opportunity to enroll into its new and improved version.

    Briefly, the new MetLife Cancer/Critical Illness Plan retains the same $10,000 lump sum payment, paisd at initial diagnosis, along with all the coverages in the current plan, however the "Total Benefit Amount" in the current plan is $30,000, whereas the new MetLife Plan has NO LIMIT.Also,MetLife added three more "Recurrence" conditions: Coma,Benign Brain Tumor, and Severe Burns, to the existing five recurrence conditions, for a total of eight.All totaled, the new MetLife Plan covers 22 additional medical conditions including COVID-19, and 7 childhood conditions previously not covered.

    See attached for more information

    Contact Brother Barbella for Enrollment Forms