• Texts that Were Cut Off
    Posted On: Mar 29, 2020

    It has come to my attention that some texts have been getting cut off,we are working to correct that issue.Here are the texts that went out:(ANY BROTHER HAVING ISSUES WITH THIS,PLEASE LET BROTHER BARBELLA KNOW)

    Union Texts that went out since March 18th,2020
     Please review all Policies and Procedures that are distributed through out the firehouses and on powerdms concerning the coronavirus.Let us know if any new developments or problems arise that ned to be addressed
     Our policies and procedures mimick the IAFF and cdc guidelines.Go to IAFF.org for updated information.An update was also put on our website from our meeting with the Chief this morning.
    We will keep you informed on the rapidly changing pandemic via our website.Any problems logging in,contact Brother Barbella
    The city is discussing a policy regarding personnel returning to work after confirmed or suspected COVID-19.We will let you know when a Dept Order is put out
    Members under self quarantine or exposure to known cases,call 866-588-0195 NYS Dept of Health COVID-19 Hotline 888-364-3065 Westchester Couny COVID-19 Information Call 211
    In an effort to control this pandemic,we are recommending that any member who tests postive to the coronavirus notify the union so that we can notify the membership instead of hearing rumors around the coffee table.Everyone in contact with you needs to be notified.Contact Brother Heffernan who will keep a list and Brother Barbella will notify the membership via text
    Important to know that it is not a HIPPA violation to release the names of those infected during this pandemic.Lets take care of ourselves,you know the city is not
    Confirmed Positive Brothers are
    Naclerio,Birritieri,Fascilla,J Dillon,Wurtz,Ingham,Fischetti,Scopelitti,Longo,Kaicher,Bucaj,Bottigheimer,Hickey,New
    It is important to remember that if you dont have symptoms that you should not be getting tested.Save the tests for those with symptoms.Just because you can get in at one of these testing sites by flashing your badge dosent mean you should run up there by the car load and ruin it for the guys that actually need it
    The Cdc has found that the COVID-19 virus seems to spread most commonly from person to person contact and not as commonly from contaminated surface contact.That being said,we strongly advise members to maintain the 6 ft social distancing standard whenever possible while at work,and limit the number of people gathered in one room at any given time.While this is not realistic when riding in the rigs,this can and should be practiced in the firehouse.In houses with more than 3 firefighters,we suggest limiting the number of people in a room to 3.This would mean the watch rooms and any common areas including the kitchen,we would suggest eating in 3 man shifts,and sitting as far away as possible while eating.Continuous hand washing and surface cleaning/disinfecting hould be practiced as well with the supplies provided by the city.Stay safe and look out for one another.
    Please remember that the city has a policy that if you are asymptomatic,you come to work.We cannot tell or order guys to stay home.You can only give your opinion.If they are sick,they should stay home anyway.If they feel like they dont want to come to work due to exposure or other reasons,let them make that decision.We cannot and should not harrass guys.

    Just a reminder that if you are on sick leave,if you are out for multiple tours that you dont need to call in every tour.You are out until you call off sick leave.Dont forget to call off when you come back as early as possible so that the days roster can be adjusted

    Any member who is out sick with symptoms and has not been tested postitive yet,cal 914-422-6322 asap,they will be given a test as per Cheif Lyman and the Mayors office.IMPORTANT.....IF YOU NEED TO GET TESTED AND HAVE BEEN TURNED AWAY,CONTACT BROTHER BARBELLA.

    Text was sent about a fundraising campaign.Seperate article has been posted on this site.

    We are happy that the guys are testing negative,just be aware that false negatives are common.Lets assume that we all have it and continue to take the same precautions.

    To those brothers who tested positive,keep this in mind
    http://linkin.bio/mountsinainyc...Also if any brothers out sick with the virus need anything,please reach out

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